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Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Are you worried that loss of income or increases in the cost of food, fuel, and other needs are going to make future payments difficult?

Have you already been through the foreclosure process?

Given current economic conditions, there are many Minnesotans dealing with these issues every day. Foreclosures are on the rise, and many homeowners do not know where to turn for help. Many do not realize that there are other alternatives to foreclosure.

MinnesotaFaceOfForeclosure.com was designed by your local REALTOR® association to provide credible resources for homeowners in need in Minnesota. Whether you are looking to stay in your home or move on, select from one of four situations below to find local resources to help you.

Haven't missed a payment  yet, but might in the future.     Already missed one or more payments.     I want to sell, but owe more than my home is worth.     I've been through foreclosure.  Now what?

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